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Guide to spiritual questions we never knew we had.


Blake McNeal, a rising star in the realm of empowerment transformative coaching. A former Silicon Valley engineer, whom now devotes his full time focus to his natural passion.

The art of guiding individuals through a profound personal evolution.


Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, Blake McNeal kicked off his tech career in Kansas City, Missouri, after college. A six-year stint in San Francisco would follow this, marking a pivotal chapter in utilizing, developing, and enriching his technical skills.

A turning point came after digital nomading in late 2020. Over the next couple of years, traversing landscapes from Colorado, Hawaii, Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Ecuador, Blake unearthed a profound realization about the abundance of love, life, and energy in our world.

Becoming aware of talents beyond the virtual realm of computers, he found a calling to contribute and serve in ways that resonated more authentically with the diverse tapestry of life.

MY Approach

Coaching, for me, is more than just a profession...

It's a dynamic process where individuals, regardless of gender, embark on a transformative journey.

With a focused emphasis on the divine masculine, my coaching approach is inclusive, aiming to empower humans who undergo a lasting transformations over a 3 to 6-month period.

Together, we embark on an expedition of:

  • self-discovery
  • purpose refinement
  • building meaningful connections

My goal is to guide people towards becoming resilient, empowered individuals—making a lasting impact on their lives.

Discovering & Releasing

Connections with higher self

Recognizing trauma

Over time we forget about subconscious blocks we’ve accumulated in our life. Recognizing how we have closed off our heart and trapped energy we should be letting go is essential for growth.

Identity is something we think we develop over time. However, it’s something that shifts behind the curtain. If we’re not careful we’ll cling to the old idea of who we think we are.

I focus on developing the skill to address trauma as it unfolds, ensuring it can pass through us in every day life. Fostering a path towards lasting emotional well-being. Which can compliment essential practices like yoga, exercise, and therapy for addressing past trauma.




“Working with Blake has brought me to a new place of clarity in my life. The weekly calls with him are the basis for how the growth in my life is structured.”



“Today I’m better equipped with navigating the bumps in life. It’s required a lot of hard work, but with Blake’s help, I’ve been able to find new purpose in things I had forgotten about.”



“I’ve worked with many coaches over the years. Everyone needs to make micro and macro transformations in their lives. Feeling empowered to move through the hard parts of these changes isn’t an easy task. I’m glad I found Blake’s program. I now have changes which will last a lifetime! Thank you!”